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sunnuntai 12. maaliskuuta 2017

Local DJs Fight Deadly Man Flu To Attend Gym!

Sea FM Radio DJs Kimmo and Petri attended the gym again this morning. This odd phenomena started at the beginning of February when Sea FM, local gym Kuntokeskus Liikku, and personal trainer Vesku Vehkaperä set them a three months fitness challenge.

At their first meeting with Vesku, physical fitness and body composition were tested, and eating habits were analysed. Vesku was very positive that all hope was not yet lost, and created an exercise plan for them with dietary guidance. However, there’s a long way for the guys to go in order to shed the excess they’ve been carrying - around 20 kg - as can be seen in the body composition print-out.

After Sea FM’s live Friday show, Kimmo and Petri used to go out for a pint or two (or three, or four). This habit has been suspended, and sweets have become a rare treat. Now you’ll find them at the gym four times a week, and despite recent bouts of deadly ‘man flu’, they have bravely stuck to the program. And miraculously there has been progress, with both losing around 1 kg per week so far. Perhaps there is hope for the cuddly DJs after all!

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